Why support Gluepot?
It costs approximately $50,000 per annum to run Gluepot Reserve. To this end, BirdLife Australia and the Gluepot Reserve Management Committee have established the Gluepot Foundation, a public fund registered under the Income Tax Assessment Act as a tax deductible fund. Your support, in the form of a tax deductible donation to the Foundation will be very much appreciated, and will help ensure the conservation of the Gluepot environment for future generations. All income raised goes directly into the operation of Gluepot, as there are no salaries paid. Donations of $250 or more to the Foundation will be recognised on a commemorative plaque on the Reserve.

The Gluepot Foundation
The Gluepot Reserve Foundation is a recognised sub-fund of the Australian Bird Fund, a public resource established by BirdLife Australia and registered for tax-deductability under the Income Tax Assessment Act. The task of the Foundation is to raise $1 million to ensure the long-term viability of the Reserve. The interest earned on Foundation income will fund the Reserve’s operating budget.

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