Friends of Gluepot

If you are interested in preserving our environment for future generations and joining an enthusiastic and dedicated group of volunteers who manage and operate Gluepot Reserve, why not consider joining the “Friends of Gluepot Reserve”.
The Friends of Gluepot is an affiliated group of the Friends of Parks scheme in South Australia. There are many such groups who do voluntary work in Parks each year.
Gluepot Reserve is Australia’s largest community managed and operated conservation reserve and is run entirely by volunteers. Situated 64 km from the River Murray in South Australia’s Riverland, Gluepot is 54,000 ha. in size, and is home to 18 nationally threatened species of birds, 53 species of reptiles and 12 species of bats, some of which are nationally threatened. There are few areas of the world that support such a concentration of threatened species.

Collecting and Recording
Collecting and recording data
By successfully combining the elements of biodiversity conservation and enhancement through land management, scientific research and monitoring, environmental education and sustainable ecotourism, Gluepot Reserve has taken conservation management into a new era. The Reserve is providing an international model to show that sustainable use of the landscape is both feasible and desirable. A highly successful program of this size and complexity is unique in Australian land management.

Erecting Signs
Erecting signs
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Reserve and come from all states of Australia and overseas.
The Friends of Gluepot welcome people of all ages, nationalities and locations who care about preserving the environment. No offer is turned away. There is something for everyone!
Friends are especially beneficial because of their experience. They care about nature and are concerned for the type of world that future generations will inherit.

Malleefowl Nest MonitoringA feature of our Friends activities is our annual malleefowl nest monitoring.

Friends undertake a variety of activities on the Reserve. Examples include:
• Plant and animal identification and surveys
• Bird Atlassing
• Weed management
• Construction and building projects and maintenance
• Revegetation projects
• Pitfall trapping
• Assisting with the design and implementation of environmental education courses
• Malleefowl monitoring
• Maintenance of Reserve Library
• Computer operations
If you are interested in these, or any other activities, contact the Rangers at Gluepot :-

Phone: 08 8892 8600
Gluepot Website:

They will put you in touch with the Friends Group executive.

Sign up to be a
Friend of Gluepot Reserve

If you are completing this form in the Gluepot
Visitors Centre, please place it in the
appropriate slot. Otherwise, please mail it to:
Friends of Gluepot Reserve
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Waikerie SA 5330

If you are unable to volunteer your time,
your financial support would be appreciated.
Donations can be sent to:
The Treasurer
Gluepot Reserve
PO Box 345
Waikerie SA 5330

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Pitfall Trapping
Friends undertaking pitfall trapping