In 150 years the mammalian biodiversity of the Bookmark region has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former significance. The causes of the extinctions of these mammals in the mallee are not clear, but they may have been due to overgrazing by introduced sheep and rabbits, increased predator pressure from introduced foxes and cats, and changes in fire regimes associated with the drastic decline of the Aboriginal population and the occupation of the land by European settlers.
Not all mammal species have declined. The Western Grey Kangaroo and Red Kangaroo have increased because of reduced predation pressure from dingoes and increased water availability at dams. Both of these species are common on Gluepot Reserve. The Mallee Ningaui, which occurs on Gluepot, was only discovered in the 1970’s. The Short-beaked Echidna is widespread on Gluepot Reserve, as are bats of which 11 species have been recorded. The Western Pygmy-possum was re-discovered in the early 2000’s and is while very rare, likely widespread.
List of Mammals of Gluepot: Mammals_Gluepot_2016