Monitoring Projects

Gluepot has almost 100 permanent biodiversity sites that are monitored by our experienced volunteers for vegetation, birds, mammals and reptiles. Information collected through these surveys help inform managers of the effectiveness of our management programs, particularly feral animal control and fire management. The success of Gluepot’s careful and strategic management programs serve as an important model for other reserves.
Permanent biodiversity sites include
• 75 Bird Atlassing sites in all vegetation communities and varying distances from artificial water points. Each of these Atlas sites has been accurately mapped and surveyed for vegetation.
• 52 permanent pitfall lines are established at atlas sites.
• 7 Malleefowl 2 km x 1 km grids surveyed annually for active mounds and any other evidence of malleefowl activity. Data is submitted to the National Malleefowl Monitoring Database.
• 36 permanent photopoint sites with 30 x 30 m quadrats and 4 x 100 m transects established by Flinders University for detailed vegetation surveys at atlas sites.
• 12 South Australian Pastoral Board 4 x 100 transects for vegetation surveys.