Research and Monitoring

The current members of the Gluepot Reserve Research and Monitoring Committee include Rebecca Boulton (chair), Chris Hedger, Joan Gibbs, Chris Grant, Greg Johnston, John Gitsham and Marilyn Wilkins. Membership is voluntary and is comprised of people interested in using good science to guide the management of Gluepot Reserve. The committee’s role is diverse, but is centred around prioritising, promoting and advising on the scientific monitoring and research to be conducted on the reserve. Currently, the committee are compiling a list of their top 10 projects they believe will help drive important management decisions while revising the ecological objectives in the Management Plan 2009-2018.
Gluepot is being developed as a Quality Centre for Scientific Research, and is ideally suited to a diverse range of biological research projects. All areas of the Reserve are open to use by researchers, and the Birdseye Block, an area of 17 000ha of both recently burnt (2006) and old growth mallee, has been specifically designated as a core reference area (research and conservation access only) – public access to the block is restricted.