Visitor Services and Information


1. Gluepot is located about 64kms from Waikerie, which is on the Sturt Highway (Highway No. 20) about 200kms from Adelaide.
2. Information can be obtained at the Waikerie Visitor Centre, Strangman Road, Waikerie – phone 8541 0708. Information will include a map and directions.
3. Visitors should proceed into Waikerie, cross the Murray River on the car ferry and then follow the fingerboards as displayed.
4. Additionally, there are signposts at the turnoff to Waikerie on the Sturt Highway, at the junction of Taylorville and Morgan-Renmark Roads (10 kms from the ferry), at Lunns Rd, right turn (another 3 kms) at the Christadelphian (Ecclesia) Hall, and on the track into Gluepot.
5. Distance is 64kms (about 50kms of which is unsealed) and approximate travelling time from Waikerie is 1.25 to 1.5 hours depending on vehicle.
6. If travelling from Morgan along the Goyder Highway (Morgan-Renmark Rd) the Gluepot turnoff is 31 kms and if travelling from Renmark it is 83kms
7. Tracks are suitable for 2WD and medium caravans when dry. However, after approx 20mm of rain, they may be closed or affected by water and suitable for 4WD only. Phone 8892-8600 for advice after rain.
8. Visitors are advised that they will travel through private property before reaching the Gluepot boundary. They should avoid stopping and under no circumstances are they to camp. They should be aware of the possible presence of kangaroos, cattle, or other feral animals and drive accordingly, and all gates should be left as found.
9. On Gluepot Reserve, there are no fires of any sort permitted except gas fires (these may also be banned on a total fire ban day), no pets, and no firearms.
10. Fees apply for both day visitors ($5 per vehicle per day) and camping ($10 per vehicle per night) on Gluepot.
11. Visitors must be self sufficient and provide everything they need including their own water, food, fuel etc. They must also remove all their rubbish.
12. There are three camp grounds on the reserve – Babbler, Bellbird and Sitella. These are equipped with long drop toilets. We DO NOT take bookings for camp sites and we DO NOT ALLOW generators.
13. There is an extremely well equipped Visitor Centre at the homestead area where visitors may self register and obtain maps, bird lists, walk brochures, etc. about facilities on the reserve.
14. It is advisable for visitors to adhere to the marked walking trails on the reserve and exercise extreme caution if they venture away from marked trails, as it is very easy to become lost in the Australian mallee scrub.
15. It is also advisable for walkers to carry a GPS and/or compass and if they become lost to follow the instructions on the walk brochure (obtainable from the Visitor Centre) to navigate their way to safety.
16. Whenever possible visitors will be greeted by resident Rangers who will be only too willing to assist by answering questions etc.
17. All visitors need to be aware that summer conditions in Gluepot can be extremely hot (temperatures can reach 40°C) and they must take precautions against heat stroke—carry plenty of water, wear proper clothing, use sunscreen etc.
18. All visitors need to be aware that the Riverland area is a fruit fly exclusion zone. No fruit or vegetables can be bought into the Riverland from Interstate. There is a manned Fruit Fly inspection area on the Mildura to Renmark road where fruit & veg. must be declared (If purchased from a shop in South Australia keep the receipt with the fruit etc on it, and you will be able to bring it in)
19. Gluepot email is and Rangers (if at the homestead) may be reached on (08) 8892 8600.
20. Further information about the reserve can be obtained at our website

If passing through Waikerie, information about Gluepot including the status of access roads can be obtained at the Waikerie Visitor Centre (Phone:  85410708) located in the Waikerie Library.