Walking, Cycling

Gluepot is ideally suited for physical activities such as walking and cyling.
A number of walking tracks have been established and brochures are currently being developed. Walking tracks range from short (1.5 km) to extensive (over 7 km). Of course the vehicle tracks can be used to combine a number of walks into a longer bushwalk. More information will be provided here as it becomes available, but in the meantime the Visitor Information Centre at Gluepot has printed material, which can also be downloaded here:

W13 – Old Gluepot Homestead Walk WHITE A3

W12 – Whistler walk V2 Aug2016 BLUE

W11- Botanic Walk V2 Aug2016 WHITE

W10 – Airstrip Walk V2 Aug2016 WHITE

W9 – Broggy’s Hole Walk V2 Aug2016 BLUE

W8- Gypsum Lunette Walk V2 Aug2016 BLUE

W7 – Black Oak Swamp Walk V2 Aug2016 BLUE

W6 – Big Sand Dune V2 Aug2016 PINK

W5 – S – Babbler South Walk V2 Aug2016 YELLOW

W5 – N – Babbler North Walk V2 Aug2016 YELLOW

W4 – Oil Line Walk V2 Aug2016 PINK

W3 – Bluebush Walk V2 Aug2016 PINK

W2 – Grasswren V2 Aug2016 BLUE

W1 – Malleefowl Walk V2 Aug2016 BLUE

Walking Map Gluepot 2016

Bike riding is a safe and enjoyable experience on Gluepot. Vehicular traffic is minimal and the gently, undulating character of the terrain makes for easy riding.
The reserve is criss-crossed by tracks that enable visitors to experience the full range of vegetation associations and main features of the Reserve. The extensive track system is well marked and kept in good condition. Most tracks have a clay base with a few sandy patches where tracks cross the low dune areas. Please Note: Cycling is only permitted on the tracks.
Best times to visit are between mid-March and mid-November. Recommended bikes are mountain bikes or cross bikes as all riding is on tracks. Don’t forget a puncture repair kit.

The following brochure provides more information:

cycling gluepot brochure